Arnd Petmecky
Board of Directors

For me, “Growth Sponsoring” means developing department heads into managers, departments into professional service organisations, and employees into brand ambassadors!

For me, TrendSwiss stands for sustainable and community-minded strategy discovery in tune with the econom

What does TrendSwiss offer to customers in terms of added value in your opinion?

The words ‘added value’, explains exactly what separates TrendSwiss from many other consultancy firms. We aim to offer more to our customers and to work with them to achieve their goals. We don’t work short-term, only long-term, and we always take the economic situation into account.

On what levels do you connect your customers to added value?

On one hand, the customer gets to know our functional expertise. Our broad yet specific portfolio of services covers all topics which accompany transformation. Much more important, however, are the quality and the methodology of our services. We tackle the issues in depth on the basis of ‘good practice’ and actively implement the expertise that results from this for our clients. Above all, community and reciprocity helps us create new approaches, which both we and the company benefit from. The people and the community are therefore crucial factors at TrendSwiss.

With whom do you work to implement these topics?

At SwissTrend we work with selected partner firms and specialists who possess a great variety of experiences from many branches of industry. These include automobiles and electronics, technology and communications companies, as well as contracts from the public sector. With our expert knowledge, we can offer a vast range of services including finance, strategy and innovation management, as well as programme and project management, and, of course, the management of IT infrastructures. We are especially proud of our proven experience in domestic as well as international markets.

Last but not least, this range of cross-industry expertise allows us to customize and offer specific "best of breed" solutions, or work with our customers to achieve these goals.